In the last fourteen years, I have worked within a broad spectrum of the technology field. At Veoh, we pioneered online video and behavioral advertising. I've built and maintained four world-class software engineering teams at Veoh, Active Network and Verve. I worked as a go-between, functioning as the integral link between the company executive needs and technological development segment of the team. I have facilitated the companies vision and the technological expertise required, into a functioning and successful end products.


I have over 14 years experience of web application development and team management. During this time I have worked on content management systems, streaming video, custom web applications, geospatial ad servers, and more. I have contracted and worked for with great companies like, Intuit,, Sorenson Media and currently full-time at Verve.

Full-stack Web Development

Ruby on Rails: I have been working with Rails since it's initial release in 2005. I have built dozens of large applications for companies like, ADIO Footwear, Verve, and more.

JavaScript: One of my core languages and loves over the past decade has seen a fast changing lanscape of frameworks. I have recently moved to yarnpkg and React.js.


SQL: I have many years of MySQL administration and performance tuning experience. I was a Percona Server fan but have recently changed my preference to Amazon RDS and Aurora.

Big Data: For the past year I have done extensive work with Apache Spark, RedShift, and Elasticsearch for large scale geospatial data analysis.

Mobile Development

iOS & Android: I built and managed off-shore teams for Verve's whitelabel news application. We have over 500 apps currently in the app store. I have a deep knowledge of location services and beacon technologies.

Areas of Interest

  • Natural Interfaces with Alexa
  • Connected Car with Ford Sync
  • Big Data and Machine Learning