In the last sixteen years, I have worked within a broad spectrum of the technology field. At Veoh, we pioneered online video and behavioral advertising. I've built and maintained four world-class software engineering teams at,,, and I worked as a go-between, functioning as the integral link between the company executive needs and the technological development segment of the team. I have facilitated the companies vision and the technological expertise required, into a functioning and successful end products.

People Management

At the beginning of my career as an individual contributor, I used ambition and quick to act strengths to become a technical expert that can promptly deliver features. At a certain point, I realized I could use my ambition and my ability to articulate product direction to lead other engineers.

The employee-manager relationship is a two-way road. Both entities are attempting to increase their value. If you can intertwine the employee's career goals with the business goals you can create a long-lasting relationship. I keep in mind that employees don't leave companies, they leave managers.

At my current position at Core Strengths, we provide Relationship Intelligence (RQ) platform and training that helps with self-awareness and making interactions more effective. I use these tools in my everyday interactions and employee one-on-ones.

Product and Project Management

Product Management

I work with entrepreneurs and executives to define the what, when, and why of the product. I use my past adventures in User Experience, Technology, and Business to build a product vision and strategy.

Project Management

I have worked with many styles of project management over the years and enjoy Agile Teams the most because of the focus on delivering customer value early and often. I have played the role of an individual contributor, scrum master, and product owner.

Software Development

Full-stack Web Development

JavaScript: One of my core languages and loves over the past decade has seen a fast-changing landscape of frameworks. I started my journey with Vanilla JS and was inspired by Douglas Crockford's work at yahoo. I am currently using React, ReactNative, and Angular in my production applications.

Ruby on Rails: My journey started with the initial release in 2005. Since then it has been the prominent backend language used in most of my production applications.

SQL: Over the past 10 years I have designed and optimized operational databases with MySQL, PostgreSQL, and ElasticSearch. In some situations, I have used specialized engines and sharding to achieve the desired performance. I have also designed data warehouses and data lakes with Redshift, Snowflake, Athena, MapReduce, Pig, Hive, and Apache Spark.

DevOps: I have been working with AWS since it's conception and I'm inspired by their rate of innovation. I have experience in managing web applications, services, and big data workloads on AWS EMR. I subscribe to the idea of "Infrastructure as Code" and utilize CloudFormation and Terraform.

Experience and Design: One of my core skills that were developed at The Art Institute of San Diego and mastered at Aviatech advertising agency.

Mobile Development

iOS & Android: I built and managed off-shore teams for Verve's white label news application. At the time we had over 500 apps currently in the app store. I have a deep knowledge of location services and beacon technologies. More recently I have moved into Swift and ReactNative.

Privacy & Compliance

GDPR & CCPA: In 2016 my innovations team at Verve started researching GDPR to understand how it would change our audience building capabilities. We discovered a significant impact on our global digital advertising platform and in May of 2018, I decided to move away from AdTech.

At Core Strengths, I leveraged my experience and contacts to obtain GDPR and PrivacyShield compliance. At this time we are now planning for the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

Third-Party Risk Management & Compliance: At Core Strengths, I am responsible for creating all IT Policies, compliance, and third-party risk management assessments. I'm utilizing OneTrust to measure and plan our compliance for GDPR, CCPA, and ISO-27001.